Datapoint Welsh English/Other adverbs have the same form as adjectives

Variety: Welsh English
Feature: Other adverbs have the same form as adjectives
Value: A - feature is pervasive or obligatory
Informants: Robert Penhallurick


Example 1123:
because I talk so quick.

Source: Corporation 2005: Bonymaen

Example 1124:
He speaks very clear.

Source: Corporation 2005: Builth.Wells

Example 1125:
But we never kept the tape unfortunately, would have done really good for this program.
Example 1126:
...that I think everybody up here speaks normal and when I hear South Walians speaking…
Example 1127:
cause she's starting to pick up words that much quicker.
Example 1128:
It's just that you're communicating in what comes natural to you.
Example 1129:
But we just dress different .
Example 1130:
Could speak Welsh really good.