Datapoint Welsh English/Was/were generalization

Variety: Welsh English
Feature: Was/were generalization
Value: B - feature is neither pervasive nor extremely rare
Informants: Robert Penhallurick


Example 1090:
I were / she were / we was / you was (PL) / they was

Source: Parry 1999: 114

Example 1091:
And these girls sitting behind me was using the f-word all the way home.

Source: Corporation 2005: Bonymaen

Example 1092:
If you was to say like, "oh" every word that you used was…
Example 1093:
They was travelling in London.
Example 1094:
I weren't very pleased shall we say.
Example 1095:
And and we was in a pleasant hotel etcetera
Example 1096:
They was out there.