Datapoint Welsh English/Deletion of auxiliary have

Variety: Welsh English
Feature: Deletion of auxiliary have
Value: B - feature is neither pervasive nor extremely rare
Informants: Robert Penhallurick


Example 1083:
Yeah we got the leisure centre and we got the community centres.

Source: Corporation 2005: Bonymaen

Example 1084:
You know they're pretty pitiful if they got a problem with somebody else's accent.

Source: Corporation 2005: Builth.Wells

Example 1085:
Well for 'left handed' I uh got 'split-brain' [informant referring to questionnaire.
Example 1086:
… they got a Cockney accent
Example 1087:
In London you got the Cockney language.
Example 1088:
I got no qualms about having a Welsh accent.
Example 1089:
We still got good memories.