Datapoint Welsh English/Existential / presentational there’s/there is/there was with plural subjects

Variety: Welsh English
Feature: Existential / presentational there’s/there is/there was with plural subjects
Value: B - feature is neither pervasive nor extremely rare
Informants: Robert Penhallurick


Example 1067:
There's some words in the dictionary that we think are swear words.

Source: Corporation 2005: Bonymaen

Example 1068:
There's quite a few of our members now.
Example 1069:
And in the end there's about five or six of them round you.
Example 1070:
There's certain accents which actually do hold you back.
Example 1071:
And there's strong accents in Cardiff.
Example 1072:
I think in the Liverpool context that will be true because there's so much… so many jokes about the Scouser accent.
Example 1073:
You know there's always other words.
Example 1074:
I think it's nice that there's so many accents around there was uh six girls.
Example 1075:
There was none of these houses here then, mind.
Example 1076:
There's different terms for different words.
Example 1077:
There's various other um commentators in the media.
Example 1078:
Bethesda: there's loads of kids there.
Example 1079:
There was five, I think.
Example 1080:
There was no first names.
Example 1081:
There is quite a few people around.
Example 1082:
There was no gardens.