Datapoint Welsh English/Invariant non-concord tags

Variety: Welsh English
Feature: Invariant non-concord tags
Value: A - feature is pervasive or obligatory
Informants: Robert Penhallurick


Example 1053:
We saw some the other day, innit?

Source: Penhallurick 1991: 205

Example 1054:
You turn round and you say, "tidy" isn't it?

Source: Corporation 2005: Bonymaen

Example 1055:
When you went ill, the poultice isn't it.
Example 1056:
And only now recently can girls wear trousers, isn't it?
Example 1057:
That men at work or in a bar they use bad language isn't it?
Example 1058:
Aberhosan people started to go down on the bus to Machynlleth to do their bit of shopping, isn't it?