Datapoint Eastern Maroon Creole/Generalized third person singular pronoun: object pronouns

Variety: Eastern Maroon Creole
Feature: Generalized third person singular pronoun: object pronouns
Value: A - feature is pervasive or obligatory
Informants: Bettina Migge


Example 1543:
A baafu patu fu mi, da i diki en kon gi mi tu.
My meat pot, bring it too.
Example 1544:
Neen a taki, "pe a uman de?" Neen mi taki "a de, kon u o go ne en esiesi nou.
Then she said "where is the woman?" Then I said, "she's there, let's quickly go to her.
Example 1545:
A leti fa i si yoyo e kisi en ya, ala en ondoo ana fuu te a fuu te a fuu kwakwakwaa.
Exactly the same way that he's got heatboils [lit.: how heat boils have befallen him] this time, his armpit was completely covered in heat boils.'