Datapoint Manx English/Yon/yonder indicating remoteness

Variety: Manx English
Feature: Yon/yonder indicating remoteness
Value: B - feature is neither pervasive nor extremely rare
Informants: Jennifer Kewley Draskau


Example 1922:
it's allus light in yandhar place
always; Heaven

Source: Brown, Thomas E. 1936: 31

Example 1923:
also yonderways, yandharwheres: livin' all by meself op yandherways at Mullin y Cleig

Source: Gill, Walter 1963: 143

Example 1924:
also yonderways, yandharwheres: and gool was'n nothing yandherwheres

Source: Moore, A. W. and Morrison, Sophia and Goodwin, Edmund 1991: 205