52 Associative plural marked by postposed and them/them all/dem

A - feature is pervasive or obligatory19
B - feature is neither pervasive nor extremely rare18
C - feature exists, but is extremely rare10
D - attested absence of feature20
X - feature is not applicable (given the structural make-up of the variety/P/C)2
? - no information on feature is available8

Feature area:
Noun phrase
Typical example:
I have a picture of my dad and them working their own road; Miss Waaka dem laaf afta him; I saw Saras-them’s cat by the road
Example source:
AppE (Montgomery 2008: 445); JamC (Patrick 2008: 641); IndSAfE (Mesthrie 2008b: 513)
Variety World Region Type Value
Id Primary text Variety Variety Type