Norfolk Island/ Pitcairn English

Pitcairn Island is situated in an isolated part of the Central South Pacific Ocean (24° 01ʼS. x 130° 06ʼW). Its landmass is less than five square kilometres and its present population around 50, with a possibility that it will be abandoned. Norfolk Island is located 1,575 kilometres east of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean (24° 05ʼS x 167° 59E). It occupies an area of 34.6 square kilometres and has a permanent population of about 2,600. Both Pitkern and Norfuk have always been spoken side by side with acrolectal varieties of English (British and Australian on Norfolk, British and American on Pitcairn). Code mixing is pervasive; there are virtually no examples, even from older conservative speakers, which do not involve code-switching. At present, the Norfolk Islanders are in the process of deciding on questions such as language name, lexical and grammatical norms, writing system and social role.

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