Ugandan English

Ugandan English is influenced by the different indigenous languages in Uganda and to a great extend by Luganda, the most widely spoken language in the country. In their early contact with the British, the Baganda demanded the official use of English for local and intra-territorial communication in the country. The British colonial government introduced English as a subject in primary schools and it became a language of instruction in secondary schools and other higher levels of education. At independence, Uganda had a considerable number of English speakers, who spoke the language almost without an accent. However, the political instability in 1970s and 1980s was not only marked by the expulsion of foreigners, the majority of whom were native speakers of English, but also the killing of Ugandans who had become fluent English speakers. However, notwithstanding the political instability, all postcolonial governments maintained the status of English as the only official language of country. It is the main language of education, government, commerce, and judiciary. In Kampala, the capital city of the country, its use as the language of the media and entertainment is now very significant.

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